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Two Neon Boxes


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Two Neon Boxes is a captivating puzzle game that will test your logic and problem-solving skills. This minimalistic game features a sleek design and a mesmerizing neon color palette that adds to its overall appeal.

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to control the movement of the boxes.
  • Press the spacebar to switch between the two boxes.

The objective of Two Neon Boxes is simple: guide the two boxes to their corresponding targets. However, the challenge lies in the fact that both boxes move simultaneously and have different abilities.

The yellow box can pass through yellow walls, while the blue box can pass through blue walls. You must strategically switch between the boxes to overcome obstacles and reach your destination.

Navigate through a series of increasingly difficult levels, each with its own unique layout and obstacles. Plan your moves carefully, as even a single wrong move can lead to failure.

  • Study the level layout before making any moves. Look for patterns and potential obstacles that may come your way.
  • Think ahead and plan your moves in advance. Anticipate the movements of the boxes and plan accordingly.
  • Experiment with different strategies. There are often multiple ways to solve a level, so don’t hesitate to try different approaches.
  • Take your time. Two Neon Boxes is a game that requires patience and precision. Rushing through levels may lead to unnecessary mistakes.

Two Neon Boxes is developed by an independent game developer who is passionate about creating unique and challenging puzzle games. Their attention to detail and level design is evident in the captivating gameplay experience.

Two Neon Boxes is available to play on various platforms, including desktop browsers and mobile devices. Whether you prefer to play on your computer or on the go, you can enjoy this addictive puzzle game wherever you are.

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Get ready to put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and embark on an exciting journey through a world of neon boxes. Play Two Neon Boxes today and see if you have what it takes to conquer the challenges that lie ahead!